Turmeric mask for beauty of face

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How to use turmeric mask for beauty of your face? turmeric mask:There is a  good surprise which turmeric is not just used to cooking,its also  useful for the beauty of the your face. This spice has many benefits to the skin and its anti-inflammatory properties heals reddened and inflammation skins and some diseases, such as […]

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Yoga Nidra:What is Yoga Nidra?do you know?

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Yoga Nidra is a powerful way of teaching alertness. A systematic and systematic way, which introduces all physical, psychological and emotional acts. Yoga Nidra:The current world faces problems that are not necessarily due to poverty, hunger, addiction, or fear of war, but rather as a result of the nervous sensitivities and tensions that have been […]


What is fat burning?

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fat burning:Choosing Combined Movements – Movements that involve more than one muscle group (eg Scott, Lange, Dead Lift)will help you lift up more weight and burn more calories , when the body is practiced in a practical way. How important you are and how hard you exercise is important for fat burning. The harder you […]