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Cold hands:Why my hands are always cold

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Why my hands are always cold? Cold hands: in the winter is normal, and it is result of the body’s natural reaction to the temperature is low, but some people have this problem throughout the year. The coldness of hands, when the ambient temperature is normal, can be related to the secret diseases. Anemia, vitamin […]


travel to Bucharest:The best time of travel to Bucharest

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travel to Bucharest travel to Bucharest:Romania’s capital, Bucharest, is getting better day by day, and is one of the best destinations for tourists who seek to run away from the crowded tourist towns. Although every season, Bucharest is a great and exciting idea, but each season has its own enchanting attractions.Maybe you want to know […]


Darkness around the eyes: and 13 ways to treat it

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Darkness around the eyes can have different reasons. Some of the reasons for blackening under the eyes may be, due to hereditary factors, lack of sleep, stress, lifestyle and inappropriate nutrition. If you want to know why the black eye is around the eyes and know how to remove it, read on. Darkness around and […]


Turmeric mask: for removing extra hair for face

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Turmeric mask, for removing extra hair for face: Turmeric mask:Facial hair is a big problem to the beauty of women, which cause a non-natural appearance for them. Growth of these hairs are naturally normal, but it becomes annoying when it grows very much and becomes visible. Hair growth can be caused by hereditary factors, menstrual […]