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Yoga Nidra:What is Yoga Nidra?do you know?

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Yoga Nidra is a powerful way of teaching alertness. A systematic and systematic way, which introduces all physical, psychological and emotional acts.

Yoga Nidra:The current world faces problems that are not necessarily due to poverty, hunger, addiction, or fear of war, but rather as a result of the nervous sensitivities and tensions that have been created in people and exacerbate personal stress.

Tension is a mental state created by dealing with external events and affecting the entire body structure. Tensions of any kind and in any form come from different causes.

Whether you are in any situation, work or rest, awaken or sleeping, drowning in thought, or release from thought …

Your body is tangibly or intangible in gaining the sum of the tension that is accumulated in your existential layers, and in When necessary, with the advent of the scene of the mind.

the imbalance of the nervous and psychological system causes and as a result, the stress occurs on three levels of the body: 1. Muscle, 2. Emotional, 3. Mental and Brain


Yoga Nidra:The current world faces problems that are not necessarily due to poverty, hunger, addiction, or fear of war,
powerful way of teaching alertness.

Treatment for stress and stress-related diseases is generally through rest, which is sometimes possible with the use of hypnotic drugs,But even though the people’s goal is to relax; but they do not know how and how to rest!

Practical Yoga Nidra Practice is a more effective and effective way to rest the body and soul and restore them to a normal sleep.

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One hour of yoga nidra workout is equals four hours of sleep.

In addition, if you are practicing Yoga Nidra, as you open up deeper levels of mind, you can change the nature of your brain and treat the illness that is a type of mental illness.

A specific mental state in the Yoga Nidra puts the mind in its peak receive, and at this stage it creates certain conditions for re-shaping the personality and directing life on positive paths.

Precise studies have shown that regular regimen of Yoga Nidra regulates blood pressure,and also affects the level of Adrenalin secretion.

Yoga Nidra causes organs and body systems to gain deep, deep rest and rebuild the energy recovery mechanism.

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